Treatment of insomnia also improves depression 

Insomnia again

Insomnia again (Photo credit: Foodie In Disguise)

“The new report, from a team at Ryerson University in Toronto, found that 87 percent of patients who resolved their insomnia in four biweekly talk therapy sessions also saw their depression symptoms dissolve after eight weeks of treatment, either with an antidepressant drug or a placebo pill — almost twice the rate of those who could not shake their insomnia. Those numbers are in line with a previous pilot study of insomnia treatment at Stanford.”

“Dr. Carney acknowledged that the study was small — just 66 patients — and said a clearer picture should emerge as the other teams of scientists released their results.”

This study is interesting and shows promise however there is a considerable  percentage of depressed people who over sleep rather than suffer from insomnia. In my case I have experienced a combination of the two– insomnia at night and oversleeping during the day. Additionally, I noticed that if I went to bed earlier than usual I would be more likely to have insomnia. This latest theory doesn’t explain this.

Other problems with the study were that it was on the small side and the tools for measuring depression are questionable. They didn’t appear to use a test that was specific for depression but one that was specific to rumination and insomnia. Why not use the same test as other depression studies?