Anti-Psychiatry is simple minded 

According to this man in the video no known pathology exists in the mentally ill and consequently mental illness doesn’t exist. What annoys me is that anti-psychiatrists believe that pathology or abnormality can only exist as either a lesion or something measured in the blood. I submit that they have an overly narrow view of pathology. Given the complexity of the human body numerous things could function abnormally. Migraine, for example, is a well accepted neurological disorder however neurologists aren’t sure why migraines, much like mental illness, occur.

Another specific example of abnormality/pathology is the lack of circadian phase alignment between the sleep wake cycle and the melatonin cycle that exists in many depressed individuals. In SAD individuals the melatonin cycle is often delayed relative to the sleep wake cycle. This can be corrected by the use of bright light or melatonin supplements.  One particular study found a connection between the degree of depression and the lack of alignment between the two cycles.