Advanced paternal age associated with mental disorders 

A new study has found that the increase in some mental illnesses could be due to the fact that child bearing is being delayed in modern culture.

 The effect of advanced paternal age at childbearing on the psychiatric morbidity risk of their children extends to several 8005762999_771a3cc7c1_opsychiatric disorders and particularly bipolar disorder, findings from a sibling-comparison study show.

Children born to fathers who were 45 years of age and older had a 24.70-fold increased risk for bipolar disorder, compared with those born to fathers aged 20 to 24 years. This was after all factors shared by siblings had been taken into account.

The team concludes in JAMA Psychiatry that the results support the theory that genetic mutations that occur during spermatogenesis as a man ages influence offspring morbidity.

It occurred to me that the association of Bipolar Disorder with affluence might fit with this study because more affluent people might wait longer to start families.