Meditation regulates genes involved with inflammation 

Dr. Khalsa and a group out of UCLA have shown that KKM resulted in different patterns of brain metabolism compared meditationto other general relaxation methods. Using PET scanning, they saw that KKM resulted in 19 genes being up-regulated and 49 genes being down-regulated, resulting in the production of fewer inflammatory mediators, and increased telomerase activity by almost 50%. Why do we care about telomeres? Well, for starters, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was recently awarded to another research group, which found a connection between increased telomerase activity and greater longevity. Finally, the group taught KKM also had higher scores of mental health and lower depression.

KKM is a type of meditation. Inflammation is thought to be involved in depression and telomere activity is relevant  since depression is thought to accelerate the aging process. Due to the small number of people in research studies, more research is necessary.

Personally I find that meditation immediately helps with my fatigue, irritability and ability to focus. I’m not so sure about the long term effects.