Not all fish supplements created equal

I have been taking a variety of fish oil supplements( Twinlab, Now) since 2003 and I believe, for the most part, that they were helpful, howevergel capsules I couldn’t say for certain. Recently I came across some information that is new to me. A website PsychEducation mentioned that if you purchase fish oil the amount of EPA should be 60 percent of the total amount of Omega-3 fatty acids per/pill.  A fish oil pill with less than that percentage acts more or less like a placebo. I found it difficult to discern this from some of the brands since some don’t give you much detail.

big review of all these studies and more suggests that the ratio of EPA to DHA (the two omega-3 fatty acids) really matters. Their analysis shows that of these two omega-3’s in each pill, at least 60%  must be EPA. Less than that and it does not work better than a placebo; in fact in several studies, less than 60% EPA was worse than a placebo.

The Mayo Clinic gives fish oil a grade of C due to the fact that results of various studies have been mixed. I’m not sure if the information from this latest review has been taken into account?